Do not have time to have regular sessions with a trainer? or maybe you have the motivation but just need some guidance on what to do? Well this might be just the answer... You can grab a one off bespoke programme to follow at home to help you reach those much wanted goals! We would book a consultation at the studio to go through your goals, exercise and medical history as well as your eating habits. We will take down your weight and measurements and any other suitable fitness testing needed. We will discuss and set goals for you to work towards and give you a 7 day food diary to fill in if required. We will then go away and draw you up your very own bespoke programme suitable for following a

Ratatouille Recipe

I love something that is quick and easy to make without compromising on the taste and healthy at the same time! This is my take on courgette and tomato style ratatouille, very versatile, it can be used to compliment a dish or as a main meal. Whether it be sprinkling some feta over and a drizzle of olive oil, stirring in some puy lentils, eating with chicken, or using it as a sauce...its a great dish. I personally love it over spaghetti! Enjoy, Zara x Ingredients: 1 jar of tomato passata 1-2 courgettes 2 cloves of garlic a small handful of basil the juice of 1/2 a lemon salt and pepper to taste Method: 1. Pan fry the courgette slices until slightly browned. 2. Pour in the jar of the tomato pa

Mango Season Is Here...

It’s Mango season....and me and my partner order in the Alphonso and Badami Mangoes! Alphonso mangoes are listed on the ‘top 1,000 things to eat before you die’ and they certainly deserve a place there! 📝 For these mangoes the season is very short, from April to June, so we buy them in the box full to make the most of it. 📦 📦 📦 Totally different from the shop brought ones we have in the supermarkets, they are definitely a must try in my books! Zara x

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