We are looking for a small group of people to take part in our 10 week Body & Mind Transformation Programme.

To apply you must be - 

  • Over 18

  • Want to lose fat weight and/or

  • Be more body confident and/or

  • Improve your health (remember health encompasses both physical and mental)

  • You need to WANT IT, you need to be dedicated and we will do the rest

What does it involve?

​There are 2 options to choose from -

1. Online via the comfort of your own home


2. At our private studio (you must be in the EAST DEVON area)

This includes - 

  • 2 P/T sessions a week if training at our studio or online programmes/reviews for online clients

  • Access to your own personal trainer

  • Home exercise programmes

  • Our recipe book with myfitness pal bar codes for each

  • Food Diary Analysis

  • Goal setting each week

  • Mindfulness & Meditation Practice

  • Positive lifestyle changes for a healthier, happier you

  • Access to a private fb group

Click here to apply or for more info and we will be in touch